Sunday, November 26, 2006

Empty slogans

This weekend the family and I went to Newton for a family get-together (it as half way for all of us, so it worked well). On the way I noticed a few bumper stickers on cars on the Interstate, and it got me thinking...

"The Power of Pride", with red, white, and blue colors running through it. Huh? What power does "pride" have? Having a Christian belief system, to me "pride" is something you should NOT have, as it leads one to have a very inflated sense of oneself. Now, one can be glad or satisfied with what they have, and that has very often been considered having "pride" in what you have or what you do, but its an innapropriate use of the term. Pride is not something desirable, and saying that there is "Power" in pride might be true, but it sure isn't anything you'd want to broadcast.

I wonder if the people with these bumper stickers would keep them if they said "Power of Gay Pride"?

"Until They All Come Home"...sorry bub, but they are not all going to come home. As long as we believe America is the World's Police Force, every member of the Armed Forces will not be darkening the doorstep of America anytime soon. They'll be in Tajikistan, Diego Garcia, Rammstein AFB, and many other far flung parts of the globe for a long time to come.

"Arrogance and Ignorance Do Not Make a Good Foreign Policy"...I like this one, but I'd call it "Arrogance and Ignorance Do Not Make a Good Accountant", referring to my previous accountant who didn't understand our farm's transition to a "C" corporation and nearly cost us $10K the first year before we found a competent financial advisor.


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