Friday, November 16, 2007

Wildlife during harvest

Today I was harvesting corn on 40 acres east of my house. All of the surrounding corn had been harvested, so apparently it has become a magnet for the wildlife.

I figure I scared out 3-4 deer, a coyote, and more rabbits and pheasants than I could count.

Nature's cruel ways were on display, too. As some little fluffy bunny would run out into the open cornstalks, a red tailed hawk would often swoop down to catch a little afternoon snack. Ah, life is good. I don't believe in reincarnation, but if I did, I'd want to come back as a hawk (not a "Herky Hawk", but a real hawk). Nobody messes around with a red tailed hawk.

Another odd sight was the coyote who came out of the corn between me and a rooster pheasant - he didn't see the rooster, elsewise he would have had a meal. El Lobo snuck back into the corn.

I heard on WHO 1040 that a few out-of-state hunters have been caught for poaching deer. The DNR dude also said that there are far more applicants for out-of-state licenses than are available. The solution, IMHO? More freakin' licenses for out-of-state hunters! Come on, PLEASE KILL OUR DEER! They are a nuisance, and we can make money off these New York lawyers! I'll rent out space on my combine's roof! :)


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