Monday, September 04, 2006

The Internet Superhighway turns to a dirt road here...

...and leaves my ass hanging out.

We have high speed wireless Internet service here at the farm, provided by SIRIS, which is owned by KeyOn Communications of Las Vegas, NV. When we moved here in 2004, this was our best bet for high speed Internet.

For the first year or so, uptime was pretty good; sure, we had some rainfade issues during thunderstorms, but that was to be expected. However, when KeyOn bought out SIRIS about a year ago, we started having problems.

We lost service for hours, then for days, without any explanation from KeyOn. When we'd call their tech support, they'd give the standard answer "We're working on it". After a while, it would come back on.

Saturday, over the Labor Day weekend, we lost service again. It finally came back on for "now" Monday evening. I called SIRIS's tech support line on Sunday. Their message box was full. Guess we weren't the only ones having problems this weekend!

We could possibly switch to DSL from Iowa Telecom; we are only 2 miles from town, so it should work OK. I have their service at my office in town, and it works great, no problems.

I'd like to find SIRIS's tech support manager and find out why they are doing such a crappy job. He/she is probably at a slot machine in Vegas for all I know...


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