Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cost per vote at the straw poll

It appears that Huckabee had the lowest cost per vote at the Straw Poll yesterday, at around $58/vote, according to this article. His nearest competitor, Sam Brownback, spent almost three times that amount to get his votes. And, Romney eclipsed all of them at over $440/vote, maybe more, as his team has not released the amount they spent at the event.

So, maybe I shouldn't complain about the small tent and lack of t-shirts at Camp Huckabee. It shows me they have a team that uses money wisely. Sounds like a team I'd want to have in the White House directing the budget, wouldn't you?

The article claims that Romney probably had the greatest cost per vote. I would disagree and say that John Cox has that position. I don't know what Cox spent, but lets say it was around $50K, possibly more (I don't know what it cost a candidate for just the space). He got 41 votes. That's $1219 per vote. Ouch! Heck, I'm wearing one of his t-shirts right now, worth, say, $10 (I got it for free), and he received no vote from me. Not a good return on investment, Mr CPA.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Consider the cost to the Republican Partyof Iowa to put on this show and no one drew 5000 votes. This was billed as a big show. The national media came and there was no show. Tell me any one had a victory.

5:37 AM, August 13, 2007  

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