Saturday, December 01, 2007

December 1st blues

Sorry for not writing since before Thanksgiving. It's been hectic around here. We are still trying to get corn finished up. The 1% of Iowa's corn harvest that isn't done? That's probably me. We have about 110 acres left to do, or about 3 days if things work right.

The ice and rain we are getting today isn't encouraging, either. I got a load of DDGS yesterday and tried to unload it this morning. I don't think I can move the semi truck even 50 feet down a slight incline to the auger without potentially causing a 40 ton wreck in my farm yard. It's not going anywhere until the ice melts. I need to get feed out to my customers, but wrecking my equipment in the process isn't going to be a viable long term solution, either.

I think the Lord is teaching me a lesson - I'm not in control, He is. No matter how much I want to plan out how things should get done, and try to control things, He is still Lord over all. I must resign myself to that fact and be satisfied, nay, happy that He is looking over me.

No one ever said farming was an easy life. I'm sure even the best farmer of pure black Illinois soil has bad days (maybe his butler locked the keys in the Escalade...). Nonetheless, perseverance is required, even if it is lacking in supply.

I now have some time to spend with the family. I have been missing my children and wife. The funny things that Maddy, our 2 yr old redhead does, or Grady, our 4 yr old engineer-to-be, says about how things work. I can now talk to my wife about what is going on in her life, and we can attempt to parent as a team again.

The corn will get harvested. The feed will get delivered. The cows will be fed. I just need to be patient.


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