Friday, September 22, 2006

Culver requires index cards to answer questions

On Saturday, September 23, the state's first ever Democratic Rural Summit will be held in Carroll. Along with many Democratic contenders, our buddy Sweaty Chetty will give lay down some dope lines on the donkey crowd.

The South of Iowa has been informed by a trusted source that Chet will actually answer questions at this venue. That's right, questions from the audience will be answered!

However, those asking requesting a response from the C-Man must submit their questions ahead of time on index cards. I suppose this is to ensure that proper questions are asked, ones that wouldn't stump Chet. The following questions are already ruled out:

1) Why does blue and yellow make green?
2) Do monkeys worry if they are ugly?
3) Why are manhole covers round?

Chet not stupid. Chet smart.


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