Friday, September 15, 2006

Top Military Expenditures/GDP

I recently had a little fun comparing the amount of military expenditures countries spend verses their total Gross Domestic Product. I got the data out of Wikipedia here and here. Some countries spend nothing for militaries, and a few countries, like North Korea, have no reported GDP. So, I took what I could get. Here's the top 20 with the percent Military Expenditures make up of the GDP:

  1. Eritrea 15.8% (Somewhat Islamic)
  2. Jordan 11.4% (Islamic)
  3. Israel 7.4%
  4. Somalia 6.6% (Islamic)
  5. Russia 6.5%
  6. Saudi Arabia 5.8% (Islamic)
  7. Yemen 5.8% (Islamic)
  8. Azerbaijan 5.2% (Islamic)
  9. Maldives 5.0% (Islamic)
  10. Bahrain 4.9% (Islamic)
  11. Zimbabwe 4.8%
  12. Burundi 4.8%
  13. Brunei 4.5% (Islamic)
  14. Turkey 4.5% (Islamic)
  15. Morocco 4.4% (Islamic)
  16. Armenia 4.3%
  17. United States 4.1%
  18. Dijibouti 4.1% (Islamic)
  19. Macedonia 4.0%
  20. Singapore 3.8%

That's right, 12 of the top 20 countries are Islamic or somewhat Islamic.

Yes, the United States does spend the most of any country in the world on military, and it does have the largest GDP of any single country. The world average is about 2.0% military expenditures/GDP.

You make up your own mind if we should have a military this large, especially since our sabers are rattling against Iran and "Islamofacists" worldwide.


Blogger Jordan said...

Our standing army is nothing compared to other nations. We must keep our spending up, because we need the advanced weapons.

The only thing keeping countries like North Korea from marching south is the threat of us bringing our flyboys in and leveling their nation, because our tiny little force in South Korea of 50,000 troops wouldn't stop and army of 100,000s...

2:38 PM, September 16, 2006  

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