Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fun with statistics - Iowa Schools 2005-2006

Here are some interesting statistics I compiled from data available here.

School with the most boys per girl: United, between Boone and Ames, with 3.98 boys/girl Fortunately, the school only goes to 6th grade. Morning Sun in SE Iowa has the largest ratio for K-12 schools at 1.81. Prom is going to suck for a while, guys.

School with the most girls per boy: Diagonal, with 1.29 girls per boy.

Overall, schools in the state of Iowa have a 1.06 Male/Female ratio; for every 100 girls, there are 106 boys. Do you think that would lead to some frustrated young men?

Smallest K-12 school district: Lineville-Clio, with 83. According to the data, there was ONE 4th grader in 2005-2006. The biggest class was the freshman class with 11. Diagonal is the 2nd smallest K-12 school, with 94 students. Both are in The South of Iowa.

Largest K-12 school district: Des Moines, 32,068

School with largest % in Talented And Gifted program (TAG): Clinton, with 55.2%
"Yes, you're talented and gifted, just like everyone else."

Most "diverse" school: Storm Lake, with 39.1% white, 3.5% black, 10.7% Asian, 46.6% Hispanic. Columbus, West Liberty, Perry, Denison, and Marshalltown have similar numbers. These schools also have the highest %'s of Immigrant and Migrant students. Hmmm, wonder why? Could this be why?


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