Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Watch out Osama, we're ready for you!

Just ran across something interesting - as of today (9/13/2006), Wayne Co, Iowa is one of a handful of cities/counties in Iowa that are fully compliant with Homeland Security Statewide National Incidence Management System.

That means we have in place a system to report disasters, both natural and manmade, up the chain of command, I suppose.

I already feel safer. But I won't feel completely safe until we have troops (or at least some snot nosed TSA workers) guarding every bridge, culvert, ditch, road, electric pole and water hydrant in the county. You know, just in case Granny turns into a terrorist overnight and tries to blow up a major section of Quail Run Road.

I'm not dissing ("saying bad things" for those of you in Sewal) our First Responders and Emergency Management Team - they do a heck of a job when there are fires, accidents, etc. I guess I find it kind of curious that our Federal Government would spend precious $$$ on keeping terrorists out of The South of Iowa. What's Osama going to do, fly a Cessna into a Harvestore? (big blue silo thingy for those of you in Johnston)


Blogger ben said...

Or granny might get a little and pound in the face 37 times with the claw of a hammer.

8:33 AM, September 14, 2006  

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