Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lineville town council minutes

I enjoy reading the proceedings of town council meetings, especially those of Lineville, the next town south of Humeston on Hwy 65 and, as the name suggests, on the state line with Missouri. The problems experienced by the city of Lineville's town council are a testament to the backwardness of certain people.

Shields (mayor) told the council that the Meyers or Eslick family still owes money to both sides of Lineville for utilities. The debts are now spread out in several family members’ names. The father came into city hall and asked Clerk Brandy Shriver if the water could be turned on in his name.“I told her no. They’re just playing merry-go-round,” said Shields. “I don’t know if that’s legal or not, but I’m willing to find out in front of a judge. It’s the same family–mother, father, son and daughter all live there, so I just took charge. If you guys want me to tell her something different, say so.”Members of the council shook their heads no.Shields said he had asked them to come to city hall and sign an agreement on a contract to get the unpaid bills caught up. The family did not do that.“As far as I’m concerned, they’re shut off until they pay up,” said Shields. “You can play merry-go-round if you want, but they’re going to put it in this kid’s name and then ruin this kid’s credit, too.”

I have seen some of the Eslick family, and let's just say they aren't your most upright outstanding citizens in Wayne Co. They make New Orleans 9th Ward residents look downright cosmopolitan.

Here's more:

Shields pointed out that a new business is going in on the south east corner of the business square and will probably need access to the street behind the building.At one time, Monty Dilliner Sr. was allowed to use part of the street to park vehicles while he worked on them. Then he began using both lanes of the street.“Our intention was to help out, but I’m going to tell the county attorney we want the street back,” said Shields. “I know his (Dilliner Jr.) response will be he’s trying to run a salvage business. Show me a tax number. Show me a business name. Show me the hours. Well, it’s not a business,” said Shields.

Could you imagine if a business in Waukee or Ankeny was allowed to use one side of a street for an auto salvage, then started using the entire street? I'm not trying to run down Lineville, or its residents. At least not all of them. But come on now, can we at least have a bit of civility and responsibility? What is so hard about paying your water bill or not stripping parts off a '92 Buick Regal in the middle of a public street?

I know the mayor, and I know at least one of the city council members. They are doing the best to clean up the town and make it presentable. But when you've got folks as described above trying to get something for nothing, that becomes quite a burden on a small town. They don't seem to understand the responsibilities of being in a community; if they lived on an 80 out in the sticks, they could salvage cars all day long in their own darn driveways, or not pay themselves for water coming out of their own well. But when you're provided services and benefits which are subsidized by your neighbors (as well as yourself), you've got to hold up your end of the bargain.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jack Shields is lucky that he or the newspaper didn't get sued by the Meyers family. If we lived in Ankeny or Waukee (as you suggested) I guarantee you wouldn't see that kind of personal slander printed up in the town meeting minutes!! Second of all, the town needs to treat everyone fairly. Sure the town needs cleaned up, but you can't pick and chose who has to clean up their stuff and who doesn't. That's what's happened. Look around the town, make notes of the junk and then go ask at city hall how many of them have even been ticketed. Thirdly, Jack Shields needs to step aside as the mayor. I don't know who you'd get to run but I wish someone would. I'm tired of him setting around pointing fingers like he's better than everyone else in town while he spends most nights at the bar drinking and hitting on women (just stop by some night and see for yourself) while his wife sets at home!!! I'd love to discuss this town!

3:14 PM, October 11, 2006  

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