Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sparks fly at the Allerton City Council, just like the ones in a demolition car

I guess Allerton Iowa, population 500 or so, is a hotbed of demolition derby car fanatics. Why, who would ever have thought that driving junked cars around in an arena could spur such growth? It must the the proximity of Allerton to Lineville, where demolition drivers can find parts for their cars at the shop of the guy who disassembles old cars on a public street.

So, when the Allerton Town Council decided to vote on a new ordinance AND waive the 2nd and 3rd readings of the ordinance, sparks flew in the council room like a '78 Oldsmobile's flywheel after suffering a side hit from a '81 Monte Carlo.

Kenny Anderson, premier demo car driver, got upset, threw the ordinance on the table, and stormed out. Apparantly he was not happy that he had to register his demo cars and could not keep more than FIVE on his property during the demo car season of March 1 to October 1.

Ripped from the pages:
Council Member Heather Hackney made the motion to approve the first reading of the ordinance and waive the second and third readings, allowing the council to pass the ordinance that night. Anderson and Wes Deuling both protested waiving the final readings because not all derby participants could attend the meeting that night.

Not ALL derby participants could attend? How many demo derby drivers are in Allerton? I didn't know Allerton was the center of the demo car industry in Iowa! Move over Darlington South Carolina, here comes Allerton Iowa and the economic development of demo car driving!

OK, it sounds like I'm being mean, but here's the facts: In most civilized communities, you aren't allowed A junked car, much less FIVE at any time of the year. By allowing ANY junked cars to be parked in the city limits shows that the Allerton City Council doesn't give a rip about the appearance of the town. And, the fact that Anderson and Dueling are pissed off about the ordinance shows they understand little about the responsibilities of living in a community - you pay for extra services you don't get in the country, but you also have responsibilities to your neighbors not to devalue their property. Go find an abandoned farmstead and set up your demo car garage there, folks.
Now, I don't necessarily agree with waiving the 2nd and 3rd readings of the ordinance. But, that would have meant voting on it in April, just into the demo car season. Better to get this nipped in the bud now, I suppose.

I can't believe this is an issue of serious debate...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:07 PM, February 16, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But Bobby,most of we South of Ioway farmers have a number of old rusty iron and tin antiques from the past we call tractors coupled together with an array of rubber hoses and electrical wiring harnesses colored I H rusty red and Pea green John Deere out along the edge of the secondary drive way that we call tractors. Maybe they hiss the neighbors off. And we know we will never use them again. But Mr "stir the soup man", I know this is of no concern to you cause you keep your demo. derby equip over at your dad's so he gets the privelge of bluring his eyes everyday. A trucker who delievers glutten (a superior product to DDGS) to me is heavily involved in the combine demo thing over in the Jackson County, Iowa area. Wouldn't that be a noisy, stinkin mess with hot water, antifreeze and various oils spilling out all over the soil and leaking into our groundwater supply. Where is the beloved DNR when we need them? Probably sponsers the darn events. Let's get our legislature onto this. They could probably have the issue solved in 8 to 10 weeks. Especially now that the left half of the left half are in control.Guess I'm referring to Harkin's bunch. Speaking of, Bobby do you remember what an ass Harkin made of himself when John Dean got his ass whipped a couple years ago here in Ioway? Hope this response doesn't cause you to reguritate and becomc anorexic. Hope you are still smilling next time we meet. If not Lord help us both. Ouir pickups ARE NOT canditates for a deme.( No, not democrat)derby!!From the "Windy One"

7:08 PM, February 16, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back in the mid 1960s, my high school pals and I would drive west on HW 2 to Allerton for the beer in a certain pizza restaurant that existed there at the time. The lady who ran the place was a bit nearsighted and we took advantage of this by entering the place one at a time, showing a fake ID and taking a seat in a booth. Four or five of us used the same fake ID, but very carefully.
The pizza was pretty good, too.

9:29 AM, February 17, 2007  
Anonymous CountryGirl said...

Pardon me, but if you're from Humeston, you should know what goes on here during the county fair, Spring Fling and Fall Brawl. Do you realize what we have to do here? HELLO it's Allerton, they have one gas station and Corydon could sell that place five times, its so poor! "Go find an abandoned farmstead and set up your demo car garage there, folks." You have that totally messed up, because think about it, the places that look 'abandoned' are, in fact, homes. I agree they should find a place to store them, but having you bash them-when you were brought up only 16 miles away!-shows no support for your community.

4:09 PM, March 01, 2007  

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