Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More on Iowa Farm Bureau's E-85 chopper...

I reported a while back about the Iowa Farm Bureau's E-85 powered chopper, custom built by Orange County Choppers. It is billed as the first renewable energy chopper. It is being taken around the state of Iowa this summer in an attempt to raffle it off.

Being the nerd I am, I totalled up the number of miles this rig will have to be hauled this summer from one showroom to a parade to another.

2850 miles.

I wonder if the vehicle pulling this thing is also E-85 powered? I don't think half of the towns it is going to have E-85 pumps.

Also, word from respected source is that while this chopper is supposed to run on E-85, it will overheat very quickly if allowed to run very long on the fuel.

That's right, folks - the first renewable energy chopper cannot even run effectively on the fuel it's touting.

Are you sure you want to buy that raffle ticket?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only that but you would be taking your life in your hands just riding the thing. Have you wasted some time and actually watched the hacks who build those things? I wouldn't want to trust my life to their welds. They cobble together square and round stock and plate and get to sorta square put it all together with shoddy welding and slap a big engine on it.

I'd be shocked if one would hold together if you had to ride it over Iowa roads. Better yet is paying a 100,000 bucks for one of those hackjobs. I suppose it's the perfect fit for E-85. Overpriced and basically useless.

12:08 AM, July 18, 2007  

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