Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tractor ride through town

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the 2007 WHO Great Iowa Tractor Ride that passed through town on Monday. My son and I went out in the morning to see the tractors passing through. We only saw the first group (I heard there were ten), but of course, once you've seen 40 different antique tractors, you've seen pretty much all of them, right?
Here are a few shots I took:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like to see a nice old tractor. An unfortunate and aggravating side effect though is that the prices for the old, serviceable machinery that I would have a use for which at one time was inexpensive and plentiful is now irrationally expensive and is snatched up by collectors. Just trying to buy an old tractor to mow around the house with or blade with or do other light chores with is getting ridiculous. Tried to buy a 8N Ford at an Auction while back that was in really rough shape but ran good. Perfect tractor for what I wanted it for. Very light duty. Just some blade work on the driveway and maybe running a mower and pulling a little disk. Good heavens. The thing went for like 1800 bucks! It wasn't worth 800. The small disk and harrow I was looking at which were worth maybe 100 or 150 each went for 400 and 380 respectively. You could have went out and nearly bought new for that. I mean 8Ns re neat little tractors and all but for the love of pete. They're old. They can't do a portion of what a new JD or Kubota can do. People are paying far too much for what thy are. I guess they're paying for "collector" value and I'm paying for "work" value. I don't want to fix it up and sit it in a barn or take it to Old Threshers. I buy it to use it. Oh I might fix it up for giggles but its going to mow and blade and scoop pull implements and get driven through the brush like any other piece of machinery.

2:24 AM, June 28, 2007  

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