Saturday, December 01, 2007

Disconnect with TV Land

So, when I came back in from moving equipment this morning, we had The Today Show on to check for updates about the weather. Now, other than a few kids DVD's, we hardly watch TV anymore. We only get 3 channels, and I won't spring for a dish at this point.

So, the Today Show had a couple of segments. One had a guy telling us about high priced cheese. Stuff that costs $25/lb and can be found at a "cheese store". He also informed us about what accessory foods should be bought with the cheese, such as bagettes (sp), not to mention wine, etc.

The other segment was another fellow giving tips on decorating the house for Christmas. He tried to be funny by loading up some old plastic Santa decorations and leaving them on someone's front step.

Other than the "foo-foo" nature of the topics of these segments, I had to ask out loud: Could NBC find any more gayer men to do these segments? OK, maybe metrosexual (their persuasion was not identified), but man alive, what kind of guy goes on national television and gives us tips on decorating? I can somewhat respect the knowledge about cheese, but again, who the heck gives us tips on selecting wine and cheese and paying $25/lb for it?

OK, I made these observations after I had come in from the icy rain after trying to move equipment around and climbing an ice covered ladder of a grain bin. I had ice buildup on my hood and bill of my cap when I came in. I was cold and soaked. Almost the exact opposite of these foo-foo guys.

I might as well have been watching a lost TV program from Martians - I could not connect with what these guys were doing/offering. Another segment had to do with Broadway - what purpose does signing and dancing on a stage in front of people serve? Compared to what I'm trying to do (feed my family and others, make a little money, etc), it doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

Note - you can flame me all you want about the term "gayer men". I don't know if "gayer" is actually a word. I'm sure there are some hardworking gay men out there that would work in the ice and cold, and that sexual orientation makes no difference in occupation. Fine. I'm using and perpetuating a stereotype to make a point, and because stereotypes are oftentimes based on the truth, I use it so that many of my readers will understand. (Dig your hole a little deeper, Gunzy.)


Anonymous Dorf said...

I'm not gay, but I'd rather be eating fine cheese then climing up the ice bin of death!


8:55 AM, December 03, 2007  
Blogger Mango said...

But you were watching daytime TV, which is pitched to a heavily female audience. They love "sensitive" men who they can swap decorating tips with.

1:02 AM, December 04, 2007  

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