Friday, February 15, 2008

Clean sweepin'

The wife and I are doing a "clean sweep" on the basement. On the agenda tonight was the stuff in the corner that we had transferred from our home in Huxley 4 years ago and did not unpack. Yeah, that stuff...

So, much to my surprise I found my old cassette tapes. Warrant. Guns N' Roses. Nirvana. Van Halen. John Mellencamp. Kentucky Headhunters. Garth Brooks.

What was I to do? These tapes were the "soundtrack to my life" in the early 90's...if I had one. I couldn't throw out my old friends! Why, they were there for all those wonderful old memories, like cruising Humeston, driving an older floormate to Save U More for beer, and entertaining friends in my dorm room. Even that long drive from Ames back to Garden Grove in the old Ranger was eased by my mix tape of grunge rock.

But, I decided that I really had no need for these any more. A) I have some of them on CD, and I don't even listen to them all that often. B) I didn't like all the songs anyway, and C) my current vehicle (the pickup truck) doesn't even have a cassette deck in it. Sure, the feed truck does, but am I going to be blasting "She's my cherry pie, cool drink a water such a sweet surprise" as I pull into an Amish's farmyard? Don't think so.

We also determined that we are not a museum. No one will want to see our crap, let alone want to buy them in the future. My father-in-law used to collect TV Guides with the idea that they may be valuable in the future. I think the most value they had was when they ignited and let off their latent energy in the form of heat and light.

So, I decided to toss my once celebrated collection of cassette tapes. They are en route to the burnpile. So long Garth, bye bye Axl, catch ya later Headhunters. The cassette liners may burn, but the memories will live on.


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