Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tax rebate nonesense

So, it appears we're going to get some guvment handouts, uh, tax rebates this year to help "stimulate" the economy. Bushy and the Donkeys are falling over themselves trying to look more helpful to the American populace.

If Bush was a real conservative, he'd just send a note saying "You're on you own, folks."

Even though, as it appears, our family will receive about $1800 ($1200 for the adults, $600 for the two chitlins), I'd rather the government keep it and not create a bigger black hole of debt.

We'll take the $1800, of course, but will it go to buying a new 60" HD TV? No, it'll probably go to paying down the debt on the mini van. You know, so we can reduce the amount of interest paid to the bank. So much for stimulating the economy.

How soon will Moody's reduce our bond rating from AAA? When this happens, we'll be nothing but a junk bond dealer in a cheap suit. When will our dollar be worth less than a yen? Will it take a stack of greenbacks to buy a loaf of bread?

So, my children will inherit a larger national debt because we had some short sided vision in 2008. Brilliant. Gotta love these nimrods we've got in power.


Anonymous rightsaidfred said...

I think you pretty well nailed it. I don't like the thinking that there is a big pot of money in DC, and if we mewl enough, or look pitiful enough, the politicians will take pity on us and open a valve.

This lure of, essentially, printing money to quiet the populace is probably too great for politicians to resist. Even when they see problems in the future, they keep on printing. It reminds me of an experiment where they had some people driving cars around a track. At random intervals a barrel would pop up, leaving just enough time to stop the car. A few people stopped in time, but many just kept on driving, blasting right over the barrel. That reminded me of the nimrods in office: keep on driving, right over the cliff.

9:05 PM, January 29, 2008  

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