Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lineville's town council gets tough

In the latest installation of the town of Lineville's attempt to clean up junk vehicles, it appears that they're making some progress.

Mayor Jack Shields reported that residents receiving citations for violating the city’s junk vehicle ordinance had court appearances recently. The case against Jill Allpress was dismissed because she had moved her vehicles. John Kirsch received an extension because he is building a containment wall around his property. However, Shields said he was told he must move the trailers inside that contained area. Leeland Saxton never showed up, according to Shields. Monte Dilliner was fined $200 with $100 of that suspended on the grounds that he have his property cleaned up by Sept. 28. According to Shields, Dilliner had done some cleaning. “Would you say we’re making progress?” asked Snow. “I’d say, yes, we’re making some progress,” said Shields. “It’s been quite a while coming, but at least we’re making progress.” The morning of the court appearances, Clerk Brandy Shriver borrowed a digital camera and took pictures of each of the locations.

Fined $200 for using a public street for your own private auto demolition business? What a deal! That's cheaper than rent in a lot of places, and if the city gives you that much leniency for that long, you could have a thriving business by then.

In further news...
Last month, Snow was absent but sent copies of other cities’ ordinance that name certain dog breeds vicious. “Can we name out breeds you can ban?” he asked. “I hate to have to deem a dog vicious after it bites some kid’s face off. You don’t think about it until you get on in your backyard and have to worry about your kids playing out back.” Shields pointed out that his daughter was once bitten badly by a cur dog. Council members agreed that any breed of dog can be vicious.

Cur? The last time I heard that word was in the movie Tombstone, when Wyatt Earp calls down hell on one of the cowboys.

Any dog can be vicious? Not sure if a toy dachshund or a chihuahua would be included in this...

Anyway, that's all for now from our border town friends.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monte was given permission to use part of the ally running south of his business. I wouldn't call it a "street" as it's simply an ally-way between two businesses that the city doesn't even maintain. Not only did he have permission to use that space, but has never had an issue with the adjacent business over use of that space. Also, it's not a demo business. Monte is disabled and tinkers with cars in his spare time. Every vehicle on HIS property is for the purpose of fixing up, not junking out.

Maybe they should focus their efforts on doing something about the north side of the square which has almost fell to the ground. Again, when it's not in the interest of certain folks on the city council it doesn't matter. A good example would be how they want to clean up the town "environmentally" but just this summer tore out, buried and then burned the old elementary school right of the property (Supposedly the old asbestos was taken out by a group of Mexican workers who were there the week before w/o masks or hazardous waste containers). Just to be sure it was going to burn the mayor's friends brought over loads of tires to keep the fire burning. Suppose the EPA would like that?

3:37 PM, October 11, 2006  

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