Saturday, October 21, 2006

My day in Des Moines on a rainy afternoon

This afternoon I trekked up to the big city in search of wiring components for some electric motors on my grain bin. Here's my recount of the afternoon:

1) My first stop was the south side Home Depot. They have a great wire selection. Found the stuff I was looking for (6 gauge and 10 gauge x 3 conductor cord). Had to find an "associate" to get the stuff cut to length. Then, I took everything to the checkout, where a young lady named Melanie Sue, with "Thumper" written below her tag, checked my items out. Why her nickname is Thumper I have no idea, but it probably has an interesting story to go with can speculate on that one.

2) Next I went next door to efficiency to find some miniDVD RW discs for our camcorder. They didn't have any, and another "associate" asked if he could help. After asking for the RW type, he replied they didn't have any. The "associate" was your typical 20 something guy with some sort of weird facial hair, probably a Korn fan.

3) So, I went over to Best Buy. Surely they would have miniDVD RW discs? Of course, and I found them, but not until I checked out the new HDTVs and other cool stuff. When I was younger I wanted to work at a Best Buy. While it still seems like a fun place, I'm glad I don't - there's only so much hip hop music over the loudspeakers one can take. And weird facial hair on the "associates".

4) My last stop was Harbor Freight Tools - yes, redneck nirvana. I was looking for some worklights, 1/2 SAE socket set, and who knows what? Couldn't find the worklights I was looking for, but did find the socket set and a tarp to cover my grain auger from the rain. The cashiers are a hoot at Harbor Freight. They have no problem with talking loudly to each other as they ring up customers; "2 hours 'till we close! Woo hoo! Hey, where's Stinky? Taking another smoke break?" Again, 20 somethings were running the asylum, at least one with weird facial hair. The other, a gal with a real annoying laugh. Oh well, it's hard to get quality help when you're helping contribute to the national trade deficit (as well as the customers).

There's a 20 something guy in our town, nicknamed Scotty Too Hotty, who doesn't have a job, can't keep a job, and apparently doesn't want a job, due to his bragging to my wife at the library that he was going to go shopping the next day with his monthly welfare check. Scotty came from Arizona to meet a girl he'd met on the Internet, didn't get along with her but found another babe in town, knocked her up, and wa-la, the government takes on another welfare family. Scotty spends a lot of time at the computers in the library surfing, checking out YouTube and MySpace, apparently looking for high paying tech jobs in Humeston.

I think Scotty would be very well qualified for almost any of the jobs mentioned above. He has the the computer skills, at least the ability to touch buttons on a keypad. He has the slacker attitude that is apparently a prerequisite for all near minimum wage jobs. And he's got weird facial hair.

Maybe I should have picked up a job application at OfficeMax for Scotty...


Blogger noneed4thneed said...

Is there no diner, hardware store, movie store, conveniance store in town that he could work at? I like to head to the larger cities to go shopping every once in awhile, but is there no place to wire where you live? Maybe if there was, Scotty could get a job in town.

12:07 PM, October 22, 2006  
Blogger bgunzy said...

He could work at:
- The livestock auction, scooping manure
- Casey's
- One of two restuarants
- Grocery store
- Camper manufacturing plant
- Auto repair shop(s)

Any of these would pay $6/hour or better, w/tips for the restaurants.

That's about the places where he could immediately get a job here. He would have better prospects if he lived/worked in a larger town, like Chariton or Osceola (where he lived previously). A lot of people work outside of town, unfortunately, like Hy-Vee in Chariton, Osceola Foods, or even further to Des Moines.

I think it's just Scotty's style to not work...and therefore, he's example of why I believe some (not all) poor people are in their situation because they are too lazy, and government checks feed their laziness habit.

12:40 PM, October 22, 2006  
Blogger IrishWalsh said...

I believe most people collecting wellfare have no desire to work at all. Why would they?
I just wish the government would make them work for the government in order to collect a check. That way we could cut spending and get some projects done at the same time. As a special side note I betcha those people would think they are to good to pick up trash in a park and go get a job at McShit messing up my orders.

10:43 PM, October 23, 2006  

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