Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Allerton Town Council lays down the LAW!

As you can see, I kind of like picking at the town council minutes published here in The South Of Iowa. This time, we focus the spotlight on Allerton, population 559 or so, near Corydon.

Here's an example of how tough the town council is in Allerton:

• heard a concern about the electrical outlets in the Centennial Building which are a bad background for pictures. It was decided that people should stand somewhere else for photos at no cost to the city.

Why, that mean ol' town council - instead of giving people electrical outlet-free backgrounds for pictures, they insist that you move somewhere else for your family's reception snapshots! The travesty! Whatever happened to a government of the people by the people for the people? Allerton = Soviet Union + Nazi Germany, eh?

Seriously folks, whoever brought this to the attention of the council has too much time on their hands...maybe they should watch more Lawrence Welk reruns instead.

Up until the Touchplay Slottery machines were taken out, Allerton had the highest per capita spending on Touchplay machines in the county at $450 per man, woman, and child.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allerton once had a small pizza restaurant that served great food and plenty of Budweiser. The best part was they would pour Bud for anyone who came in and ordered pizza. Three of my high school pals and I (back in my drinking days) had this place bookmarked back in the 60s as a great place to consume mass quantities.
I recall that we had but one fake ID which we passed amongst ourselves after we arrived, one at a time. The bar maid looked at the same ID four times...

10:19 AM, October 12, 2006  

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