Friday, December 15, 2006

Our hometown holiday festival

Thursday night Humeston had its 3rd annual "Hometown Holiday Festival" in the evening. Businesses on Main St stayed open until 7 PM, allowing visitors/shoppers to come in and sign up for prizes to be drawn at a bonfire later. A meal was served at the Community Center, and Santa Claus was there to hear the list of demands of the children.

The bonfire, a new addition this year, was held in an open lot. While the wind did whip smoldering embers into the crowd, siting on straw bales, no one spontaneously combusted, and for goood measure, the fire chief was present (he started the fire). Names were drawn for various prizes from the businesses, hot cocoa and popcorn were served, and everyone enjoyed a warm sense of community spirit.

I had my business, Humeston Seed & Service, open to the public. Located next to the bank, my business was somewhat hidden by the glare of light eminating from my neighbor(the bank building has ceiling to floor windows). However, I had several visitors, many of whom had not been to my business location, at least since it was the former city hall, and before that, the lumberyard. They entered to win a leather pliers holder, leather work gloves, or a 1/16th scale John Deere 830 toy tractor.

This is one of the great things about small town Iowa - open houses on Main Street, carolers making merry on the sidewalks, families enjoying their time together, and everyone having a great time. It continues to build a sense of community that could hardly be replicated in wannabees like Jordan Creek Town Center. Problems are set aside for a few hours to enjoy time together.


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