Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where the heck did I go?

So, I finally got back to this blog after a hiatus of about 5 months. Where am I, how'd I get here?

Here's the low down:

1) A long drawn out planting that went from May to early July
2) Mud
3) Haying
4) Hauling corn
5) Combining corn (yes, it's true)
6) Watching 220 acres of corn and beans get destroyed by hail in about 10 minutes
7) Having a new baby daughter in late May (Emersen Louise)
8) Starting a new job with Pioneer a few days ago.

I am upright and functioning; blood still flows through these veins, and brain synapses still fire.

That's a quick update. Thanks for missing me, especially you from Oklahoma. I didn't know I had such mass appeal to the clodhoppers down there.

I'll update you more as I have time. Thanks again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back Bgunzy! From a misplaced Iowan in South Carolina.

10:22 PM, August 20, 2008  
Blogger K said...

Glad to see your back, but your absence is just about what I figured as my bothers had a very hard spring this year also. (They farm in Iowa county, and I go out and help in the fall. And no, I don't know the guy with your name in Marengo, except his name). Congrats on the new addition to your family. Glad to see your still at it as I do enjoy your blog.

9:57 AM, August 21, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!

I was nervous and pacing the floor every time it thundered. I was sure my wheat was going to be ruined by hail. It was hitting all around me but never got my wheat. It might as well have though. My wheat turned out terrible.

10:19 PM, August 21, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Mr B! Good to see that you are, indeed, in continued good health, even fathering an additional family member...congratulations!

Mark from Oklahoma here and...thanks for the props! There are many of us, followers or regular readers of your column, who were truly concerned for you, even though you did have some equally concerned reassurers who also reported sightings, just the same.

Even though I reside in Oklahoma, and have for 18 years (ten years in Oregon before that), I am a born and bred Iowan and still very proud of it. I have some farmland up in southwst Iowa which brings me back up often, from spring until fall, near the metropoli of Avoca (primarily) and Harlan. I grew up in the towns of Shelby (as a kid) and later graduated high school from Atlantic, which I consider my hometown. I attnded and am a graduate of the U of I, so I am also a proud (um, most years!) Hawkeye!

I was drawn to your blog by that evil, liberal Mango, who also checks in from time to time. He is a long-time friend with his own 'history' and I'll leave it at that. We have a mutual interest in Iowa agriculture, politics, and conversation, and he is the one who discovered you while still a long-time resident of California. I share your middle-of-the road with conservative leanings politics; Mango is an admitted Communist. In any event, we both enjoy your well-written pieces and seem to both get something out of it as well as everyone's responses--for the most part. Mostly, though, Mango's just angry. Smart, very smart, but angry.

Again, welcome back, Bgunzy! I see Obama just announced his selection of Joe Biden as his running mate...what say you?

1:03 AM, August 23, 2008  
Blogger Mango said...

Mango is pissed!

1:20 AM, August 30, 2008  
Anonymous Nic Hall said...

Welcome back 'South Iowa. Glad to see you're back in action.

Actually, I’d love to talk with you over email re: a Kansas-centric event going on in mid-October. It'd be great to have you be a part of it. Please shoot me an email at ASAP. Keep on blogging!

12:11 PM, October 02, 2008  
Anonymous Nic Hall said...

*Whoops. I meant Iowa-centric.

12:32 PM, October 02, 2008  
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Anonymous rightsaidfred said...

Whoa! Do we have a ghost blog here? I believe there was a movie about this.

12:56 PM, November 05, 2010  
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