Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Who to vote for governor?

I've been following the last couple of days the issue of whether or not Jim Nussle is pro-life or pro-choice. Although he touts his 16 years of 100% pro-life votes, his response to a Project VoteSmart questionaire got him into a bit of hot water, as he replied he supported abortion in the 1st trimester of life, and abortion in the case of rape, incest, or life of the mother threatened.

So, I wonder if he really did answer these, or did one of his staffers do it for him without really consulting Jim and knowing his true views? I thought it was rather odd to have Lt. Gov Sally Pederson questioning Nussle's position yesterday as well at a press conference (with about 3 reporters showing up).

I've not met Rep. Nussle, but I have shook hands with Sweaty Chetty. I don't care for Chet at all. Nussle might be a snake, but Chet's a rat (or some rodent like creature). It boils down to which candidate is the lesser of two evils.

Wendy Barth of the Green Party for governor? She's got these huge glasses that could burn an anthill to the ground if the sun was in the right angle. Sorry Wendy, although you had some good zingers on Chet at the IFU convention, I'm not ready to turn to the Green Side.

Maybe I'll write in Ed Fallon instead...I know he's a "progressive" liberal, but at least he's honest. Heck, he even came down and bagged groceries at the local grocery store a few months back, and used my office as a temporary command post. Nice guy. His headquarters in DSM is at an old house in his neighborhood, instead of some high-rent office downtown. And, I totally respect his not taking PAC and corporate money.

Could we have an Ed Nussle? Someone with Nussle's conservative (at least social) convictions with Fallon's honesty and integrity? Someone who, instead of voting for spending increases in Congress, would stop and play the accordion instead? The turtleneck sweaters I could take or leave...

Eh, unless Nussle really screws up, I'll probably end up voting for him. You can tell I am really jazzed about him being governor. Chetty is not an option, especially with Patty "2nd runner up in Janet Reno lookalike contest" Judge in tow. They make such a nice mother/son team, don't they?

Warning - avoid direct exposure to Reno/Culver below


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