Sunday, October 08, 2006

My home on the island...

Probably due to being in school too long (5 years undergrad, 4 years on/off of grad school), I don't mind taking tests, especially if they reveal something interesting about myself at the end. Therefore, when I find sites like Politopia, I jump at the chance to take a test.

Basically, like a lot of personality tests, this one helps you understand where you are on the political landscape. I'm not sure how answering 12 multiple choice questions will tell everything about you, but nonetheless, here it is.

So, how'd ol' Gunzy score? I ended up midway toward the NW side of the "island", between Drew Carey and George Bush. This is considered to be the domain of libertarians. I am supposed to be more toward free markets and more personal freedoms, but still not too far from the center.

I guess I'm not too surprised at this.

Anyway, take the test and post your results, if you want. That means you, EGunzy!


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