Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Finished with planting

We finished up planting today. Hoorah! I realized I've been planting steady each day for the last week. Now we can pack things up, clean out the boxes, and watch things grow (hopefully).

Tonight around dinner time I got a call from the Clinton 2008 campaign. The caller wanted to talk to me, as I am on the board of the Iowa Farmers Union. He wanted to see if I had any questions about Hillary's ag policies.

He also asked how I thought the caucuses were going so far. I told him the caucuses hadn't started yet, they were yet to take place in January 2008. I know, I was being snotty, but ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer.

I further told him that while the IFU is typically a left-leaning organization, I was the odd ball conservative in the group, and that there was no way in h___ that I would ever vote for his candidate. Furthermore, I told him if she is elected president, I'd consider moving out of the country or work on a secession plan for southern Iowa to remove itself from the Union/Estrogen-based Dictatorship.

There are fewer things I despise more than political phone calls around supper time. In 2003-2004 time period, a Democratic pollster called my parents' place. I was there and answered it for them. I told them my mother was supporting Edwards, but Dad was leaning towards Al Sharpton. He actually wasn't, but I figured that my response skewed their numbers a bit.

"Wow, an upswell of Sharpton support in Decatur County! Sharpton commands 20% of the votes in this poor southern Iowa county!"


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