Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Signs the apocalypse is upon us...

I found these three entries on the Drudge Report this morning:

'You're fired," man hears after saving a woman's life
The leasing agent for an apartment complex heard screams early in the morning, grabbed his 12 gauge shotgun, and helped save a woman's life. The next day, he was fired from his job because he carried the gun with him to the scene and did not report the incident immediatly to his supervisor.

SHOCK: Goat slaugthered in restaurant kitchen
A restaurant in China Grove, NC has been shut down because it was discovered that a goat had been slaughtered in the kitchen. The restaurant had also been cited for spreading E Coli, which sickened 20 and killed one. The goat was supposedly not served to patrons.

NYC poor to get cash for good behavior
$300 for doing well on a test, $200 for going to the doctor, $150 for holding a job.

On a side note, Jim Nussle is heading back to Washington to be Bush's budget director. Wonder if his "Nussle Hustle" can finess the spending on Iraq into the budget or not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as you did the gutting and perhaps the skinning outback I see no particular problem with doing the butchering itself in the kitchen. I mean you're cutting meat on a daily basis in a kitchen. You could probably get away with doing the actual slaughter itself in a food prep area of the kitchen as long as you were reasonably careful.

If I was to take on such a task in the last restaurant I worked in, I'd do the slaughter in the mop sink area and dump the guts in a bucket and bleed the goat into the mop sink drain. Do the skinning in the same area. Then clean the carcass there and when it was cleaned move it to the prep area.

I don't see why this couldn't be done in a sanitary manner. Then again I butcher animals at home all the time.

Yeah a few people got sick from e-coli POSSIBLY because some of hispanic kitchen crew got sloppy slaughtering a goat after hours in the kitchen and didn't clean up properly. The same thing happens at an agrigiant meatpacking plant sickens hundreds or thousands and requires the recall or millions of pounds of product and it hardly rates a mention.

Frankly I'd be checking into the owners hiring practice as far as illegals as much as would his health code violations.

2:25 PM, June 19, 2007  

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