Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday morning realizations

Just like waking up from a night of too much fun, I'm starting to see the sober truth about our presidential election.

As it stands, Romney has the most delegates to the Republican National Convention, followed by Huckabee and McCain. These caucuses and primaries thus far have been warmups in comparison to Super Tuesday (February 5). There are a number of winner-takes-all primaries on that day, as well as Florida in the interim.

On the Democrat side, The Ice Queen is leading Obama in delegates. Not all of the upcoming primaries are winner-takes-all, like the Republicans.

I am not jumping Huckabee's boat at this point, but I am going to be a realist, and I'm going to say this holding my nose: Romney, Guiliani, and Thompson, along with Huckabee, would all be better presidents than Hillary or Obama. McCain? I'm not so sure.

I hope we go into the RNC with a spread of delegates between the top 4-5 candidates, and they can be used to broker a deal. I think it would be interesting to see what this comes up with.

If we have a McCain/Clinton race, we might as well pack it up and head for the Yukon. The ending results will probably be the same, except instead of McCain talking about his days in a prisoner of war "re-education camp", Hillary will be setting them up send us conservatives to.

If Romney or Rudy comes out as the front runner, I'll buck it up and support either man with as much vigor as I did Bob Dole in 1996. The lesser of two evils. Of course, I'd support Huckabee's run as far as he can go, but then again, I'm being a realist this morning.

If we could morph candidates together, I'd put Thompson's conservative, Federalist standpoint with Huckabee's communication skills. I think you'd have to agree we'd have a winner there.

But, FEC rules says we can't do this, so you run with the candidates you have. So be it.


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