Saturday, February 24, 2007

The slop has returned

Ah, February, I hate your freakin' guts.

February is that point in the year when it ain't quite winter, ain't quite spring, but the two do battle and leave a mess here in The South of Iowa. It gets warm enough to melt the snow and get rain, but cold enough to chill you to the bone and cause tractors to still not start without assistance.

Upon the thaw and rain, I am finding I'll need a few truckloads of gravel around the driveway to keep grain semis from sinking in. Rubber boots are a necessity, and are not a guarantee against mud accumulating on your pant legs. We have a special kind of mud here, one that is almost grease like and sticks to everything.

The best thing about February is that it is the shortest month of the year; 31 days would be too much. March will be around the corner, and while it does behave like February at times, at least the temps can get into the 60's at times, and it is downright pleasurable.

I've found that spilled DDGS, properly moistened and exposed to the elements, smells like open cans of beer. Actually, that's not a bad smell after all; better than hog manure, car exhaust, or a middle aged post menopausal woman compensating for her body odor with loud perfume.

Move it along, February.


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