Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A local celebrity...

Don't know if many of you folks watch The Today Show (I don't as a rule), but we have a local guy on there, competing in the "Anchor for Today" contest.

Brad Hook, 41, is a show cattle breeder south of town, down by "the Junction". He entered the contest because he thought the other entries for the contest were lame, and he thought he could do better.

Turns out, he not only got selected from 16 that went to New York, but he's now in the final 3, and his chances are good. Of course, if he wins, he'll get to be an anchor for a day with Matt, Merideth, Ann, Natalie, and Big Al Roker.

Now if I can get him to mention Gold Pro DDGS on live national TV...(he's a customer of mine, too).

Here's a link to the "Anchor for Today" page; at the bottom is an edited version of Brad's video - Brad's dad, Marvin, who also appears in the video, is a regular customer of mine, too. Check out the Day 7 Trivia Contest - Brad wiped the floor with the other contestants, including a Nebraska Husker! :)

Don't forget to vote for Brad!


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