Wednesday, March 28, 2007

An interesting experience...

Yesterday we were unloading a load of DDGS when a young woman, probably 20 or so, came walking up to the farm. She first talked to my hired man, and then I talked to her. According to her, she and her friends were broke down just a few hundred feet away, and they needed a ride to Derby (a nearby town).

So, we took my pickup and went down to the car. There were three other "kids" there, two guys and a gal. They told me that their car's oilpan had been taken off when they went across the intersection with the county pavement a mile back doing 50 mph. How the car ran that long I have no idea; they surely didn't coast, as there's at least one incline between the intersection and where they stopped.

Now, I'm not a genius, but I can tell you that driving 50 mph across an intersection WITH stop signs is not a good idea. Furthermore, going from gravel to cement to gravel in less than a second in a 1992 Chevy Berreta (low ground clearance) with four adults in the car is not going to bode well.

Back at the scene, the gal who I gave a ride to reaches into the car and gets her 7 month old baby boy out in a car seat and puts him in the front seat of my truck. Hmmm. I told her that I had to turn around and back up to the car to pull it. So, I drove backwards to the nearest spot, turned around, and backed up to the car. With the baby boy in my passenger's seat.

If it were me, I wouldn't have left my 7 month old child in the cab of a complete stranger...Cute kid, though. Kind of looked like Stewie from The Family Guy. He looked up at me like he was thinking "Now, which Daddy are you?"

Anyway, we chained up to the car and pulled it to my farm a few hundred feet away, left it there, and then headed off to Derby. Two rode in the bed while two others rode in the front, along with the baby. There I tried to get the full story as to what happened.

Apparantly, the gal who came up to the farm is from Joplin, MO and was up visiting her baby's father/boyfriend, who lives in Leon. The damaged car belong to the boyfriend. He and the gang were driving from Leon to Derby to get his pickup that he parked/ditched somewhere near there. (???) He was in a hurry because, according to him, he had bowling league in Des Moines to get to. So, instead of driving through Humeston and slowing down to 35 MPH, they thought it would be better to drive fast on gravel roads with a 7 month old baby and cross intersections without stopping! Brilliant! Why he was going to bowling league instead of spending time with his son and girlfriend is beyond me.

So, talking further with the boyfriend, I asked him what he did for a living. Odd jobs, basically. He asked me if I was needing any help around the farm, and I said possibly, let me have your name and number.

By that time, we got to Main Street Derby, where the gang unloaded and rode off with the boyfriend's friends (who were also in a pickup, albeit with a Confederate flag on the license plate).

The BF never did give me his name and number. I guess that's why he's working odd jobs.

About a mile out of town I noticed that the BF had left the baby's bag and bottle in the truck. I turned around and went back to Main St, but Rebel Boy and the Rowdy Bunch had left. So, I went home and put the bag in the car. I later went to a meeting that night and upon coming home found that the car was gone...I suppose the BF found his pickup and pulled it home.

So, what have we learned from this experience?
1) Never drive 50 MPH across gravel - cement - gravel intersections with a small car, four adults, and a baby.
2) Never leave your baby with strangers
3) If you want a job, give your potential employer a way to contact you in the future.
4) Never drive more than a mile with a car that has no oil in the engine.


If this is an example of Generation Y, we're all screwed.

They all appeared to have most/all of their teeth. So, they must only be in the early stages of meth addiction.


Anonymous Dorf said...

I suppose that's one of the problems with living in the South of Iowa... you have to deal with the random Missourian.

3:36 PM, April 06, 2007  
Blogger bgunzy said...

Yeah, they sort of wander across the border once in a while. Sometimes we have to have a roundup and move them back to south of Interstate 70.

7:23 PM, April 06, 2007  

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